is a privately hosted gitlab server which aims to provide an alternative to github and gitlab. The projects on this server shall not violate any intellectual property laws, nor any local or federal laws. This site is compliant with DMCA requests, and is not a dumping ground for illegal activities. aims to provide an ever expanding collection of proof-of-concept software and hardware exploits with the purpose of furthering secure innovation as well as a place that respects said projects rather than diminishing them, and viewing them as only harmful. That being said, expects all exploits to be submitted to the software's/hardware's creator prior to publication on this site. reserves the right to terminate, remove, suspend, and alter any repository or account for any reason. users agree to uphold intellectual integrity, promote a hate-free environment, as well as promote a non-toxic learning environment. Failure to uphold any of the above can and will result in termination of your account.

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