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Voyager is a project designed to offer module injection and vmexit hooking for both AMD & Intel versions of Hyper-V. This project works on all versions of Windows 10-x64 (2004-1511).
The project is currently split into two individual projects, one for Intel and another for AMD.
# Voyager 1 - Intel
Voyager 1 contains all the code associated with the Intel part of this project. Since intel has vmread/vmwrite instructions all that is needed is a simple hook on the vmexit handler
and interception can commence.
The payload solution contains a small CPUID interception example. I plan on expanding my examples to include EPT hooking and module injection/module shadowing. I also
need to locate the self referencing pml4e in hyper-v's pml4 :|....
# Voyager 2 - AMD
Voyager 2 contains all the code associated with the AMD part of this project. Since AMD has no vmread/vmwrite operation, only vmsave/vmload I had to locate
the linear virtual address of the VMCB for every version of windows. GS register contains a pointer to a structure defined by MS, this structure contains alot of stuff.
Deep in this structure is a linear virtual address to the current cores VMCB.
# Versions & Support
:o: -> unknown/not tested.
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